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About this guide
1. Get Started
eXo Platform 3.5 interface
Manage accounts
Register new account
Sign in & Sign out
Change account settings
Retrieve account and password
Manage language
Change the display language permanently
Change the display language for another user
2. Manage Your Organization
Add a user
Manage users
Search for users
Edit user information
Delete a user
Manage groups
Add a new group
Edit a group
Delete a group
Add a user to a group
Edit a user membership in a group
Manage memberships
Add a new membership type
Edit a membership type
Delete a membership type
3. Manage Your Portals
Manage permissions
Set permissions on a portal
Access permission
Edit permission
Set permissions on a page
Access permission
Edit permission
Set Access permission on a category
Set Access permission on a portlet
Manage sites
Create a new portal
Switch between portals
Edit a portal
Edit layout
Edit navigation
Edit configurations
Delete a portal
Manage a sample accessible website
Manage navigation nodes
Add a new node
Edit a node
Copy/Paste a node
Clone a node
Cut a node
Delete a node
Change nodes order
Manage pages
Add a new page using Page Creation Wizard
Add a new page using Page Management
Edit a page
Delete a page
Manage page navigation
Portal's page navigation
User's page navigation
Group's page navigation
Edit a group's page navigation
Create a new page navigation
Change priority of page's navigation
Delete a group's navigation
Manage applications
Inside a portal
Manage portlets and gadgets
Import portlets and gadgets
View/Edit detailed information of a portlet/gadget
Edit a specific portlet
Add a gadget
Add a new gadget from Dashboard
Edit a gadget
Dashboard portlet
Use the Dashboard workspace
Change gadget preferences
Add more external gadgets from Dashboard
Use Gadgets in your dashboards
Engagement gadgets
Latest Forum Posts
Top Voted Topics
Forum Statistics
Friend Suggestions
Management and Monitoring Gadgets
Memory Charts
Cache Levels
Applications Statistics
All Template Statistics
10 Slowest Templates
Services Management
eXo Scripting Console
Audit & Collab gadgets
Login History
eXo Calendar Gadget
Inside Desktop
Add an application
Open an application
Quit an application
Change the Desktop title and background
4. Organize Your Content
Structure content
Access Sites Explorer
Private drive
Public drive
Personal Documents drive
Drive of a specific group
Hide/Show the sidebar in a drive
Admin view
Cover Flow view
Icons view
Thumbnails view
Slide Show view
Timeline view
Functions on action tabs
Add a category
Add a document
Add a folder
Add translations to a document
Add a Symlink
Edit a document
Export nodes
Import nodes
Manage actions
Add an action
View an action
Edit an action
Delete an action
Manage auditing
Manage categories
Show/Hide content
Manage publication
Manage relations
Add a relation
Delete a relation
View a relation
Manage versions
Add versions to a node
Add/Remove labels for versions
View versions
Restore a version
Delete a version
Overload thumbnails
Request approval
Approve content
Publish content
Show drives
Show/Hide content structure
Tag documents
Upload files into folders
View metadata
View node types
View permissions
View properties
View a relation
Vote for a document
Watch/Unwatch documents
Actions on folders and documents
Add to favorites
Copy/Paste & Cut/Paste
Edit documents
Delete folders and documents
Drag and drop folders and documents
Lock/Unlock folders and documents
Rename folders and documents
Add a Symlink
View WebDAV
View information
View document
Copy a URL to the clipboard
Manage tags
Content Administration
Categories and Tags
Manage tags
Add a tag style
Edit a tag style
Delete a tag style
Set permissions on public tags
Manage categories
Add a category tree
Edit a category tree
Content Presentation
Manage a template
Manage metadata
Manage views
Views tab
ECM Templates tab
Manage drives
Add a new drive
Edit a drive
Delete a drive
Content Types
Namespace registry
Manage node types
Advanced Configuration
Manage queries
Manage Scripts
Create an action type
Manage locks
Manage content
Contribute content
Edit mode
InContext Editing
Add content
Edit content
Manage content
Manage preferences
Inline Editing
Publication process
Manage content list viewer by query
Create content inside a category
Manage content in Sites Explorer
Create new web content
Edit web content
Delete web content
Publish web content
Search in Sites Explorer
Quick search
Advanced search
Search by Name
Search with constraints
Search by creating a new query
Search by existing queries
Search with saved queries
Manage content with WebDAV
Use WebDAV in eXo Platform
Add new content to a specific site
Delete web content
Manage content with Fast Content Creator
Configure Fast Content Creator
Create new content
View content
Create content templates with Form Builder
Manage CLV templates in Sites Explorer
Create a CLV template
Edit a CLV template
Delete a CLV template
Manage Category Navigation
Manage SEO
Search content in a site
Search for content
Edit the Search portlet
Print content
Manage newsletters
Newsletter viewer
Newsletter Manager
Manage categories in Newsletter
Add a new category
Edit a category
Delete a category
Manage users
Open a newsletter
Edit a newsletter
Delete a newsletter
Convert as template
Create a newsletter
Manage workflows
Holiday process
Create a holiday process
Manage a holiday process
Pay raise process
Create a pay raise process
Manage a pay raise process
Upload a process
View process detail
5. Collaborate With Your Colleagues
Manage your calendar
Calendar views
Manage a calendar group
Add a new calendar group
Edit a calendar group
Delete a calendar group
Create a calendar
Create a personal calendar
Create a group calendar
Create a remote calendar
Edit a calendar
Set the calendar color
Delete a calendar
Export/Import a calendar
Share a personal calendar
Schedule an event
View details of an event
Create a new event
Quick add an event
Add a detailed event
Edit an event
Drag and drop an event
Export/Import an event
Delete an event
Schedule a task
View task details
Create a new task
Quick add a task
Add a detailed task
Edit task details
Drag and drop a task
Export/Import a task
Delete a task
Search for events/tasks
More actions
Generate RSS
Edit Calendar settings
Manage categories
Add a new category
Edit/Delete a category
Add My Agenda gadget to your page
Add My Tasks gadget to your page
Manage your contacts
View contacts
Create a new contact
Edit contact details
Tag a contact
Edit a tag
Delete a tag
Send a mail to a contact
Copy/Paste a contact
Move a contact
Delete a contact
Export contacts
Import contacts
Print contacts
Print an Address Book
Share contacts
Search for contacts
Manage Address Books
Create an address book
Edit an address book
Remove an address book
Export an address book
Import an address book
Share a personal address book
Grant permissions on a public address book
Email your contacts
Create a Mail account
Edit your account details
Delete your account
More about Incoming & Outgoing mail server settings
Get mails
Mail views
List view
Thread view
Conversation view
Read an email
Download an attached file
View all headers of a message
Mark/Unmark a message as read
Star/Unstar a message
Move a message to other folders
Report a message as spam
Delete a message
Compose a new message
Attach a file to a message
Save a message as draft
Set a priority level
Change the message signature
Change message preferences
Reply to a message
Forward a message
Print a message
Export a message
Import a message
Categorize messages by folders/tags/filters
Categorize by folder
Create a new folder
Manage Personal Folders
Categorize by tag
Create a tag
Assign a tag to a message
Edit a tag
Remove a tag
Empty a tag
Change the tag color
Categorize by filter
Create a filter
Edit a filter
Delete a filter
Search for messages
Add an event
Manage Address Book in Mail
Add a new address book
Add a new contact
Edit contact details
Delete a contact
Change Mail settings
Chat with your contacts
Add contacts to your friend list
Remove a contact
Chat with a contact
Send messages
Set your status
Send a file
Export the Chat history
Show chat history at a specific time
Create a chat room
Add people to a room
Join a chat room
Leave a chat room
Configure a chat room
6. Organize Your Knowledge
About user roles
Access Knowledge applications
Build a wiki
Work with Wiki pages
Create a page
Edit a page
Move a page to another location
Delete a page
View page information
Add a related page
View a page history
Watch a page
Work with attachments
View all attachments of a page
Add an attachment to a page
Insert an image
Use the WYSIWYG Editor (Rich Text editor)
Syntax Help
Work with Macros
Work with page versions
View versions of a page
Compare page versions
Restore a page version to the current version
Work with Spaces
WebDAV support in Wiki
Access your workspace using WebDAV
Edit a page using WebDAV
Wiki Administration
Set up space settings
Manage Permissions
Space Permissions
Add space permissions
Delete space permissions
Page Permissions
Manage a page template
Search for a template
Create a new template
Edit a template
Delete a template
Build a forum
Set up the Forum portlet
Specify the category scoping
Enable/Disable Forum components
Enable/Disable a bookmarkable Forum URL
Manage categories
Add a new category
Edit a category
Delete a category
Manage forums
Add a new forum
Delete a forum
Manage users
Promote a user
Modify user's forum settings
Ban users
Administrative tasks
Set up Sort Settings
Define censored keywords
Customize an email notification template
Customize a BBCode
Add a new BBCode
Edit a BBCode
Delete a BBCode
Activate/Deactivate a BBCode
Set up auto-pruning
Create a topic type
Ban IPs
Back up a category & forum
Export a category
Export a forum
Import a category
Import a forum
Regular users
View details of the Forum application
Quick search
Advanced search
Start a topic
Select a topic icon
Set the topic options
Set topic permissions
Edit a topic
Create a poll
Rate a topic
Tag/Untag a topic
Post a quick reply
Post an advanced reply
Post a private reply
Reply with a quote
Edit your post
Delete your post
Use BBCodes
Public user profile
Private messages
Send a private message
Receive a private message
Add a bookmark
View bookmarks
Delete a bookmark
Subscribe to RSS feeds
Permanent links
User settings
Edit your profile
Change forum settings
Edit your subscription
Moderate forums
Edit a forum
Lock/Unlock a forum
Close/Open a forum
Move a forum
Moderate topics
Approve a topic
Edit a topic
Close/Open a topic
Move a topic
Delete a topic
Lock/Unlock a topic
Stick/Unstick a topic
Merge topics
Split a topic
Moderate posts
Approve a post
Delete a post
Move a post
Hide a post
Show a post
Uncensor a post
View all pending moderation tasks
Ban IPs
Build an Answers & FAQs system
Set up the Answers portlet
Change the display mode
Customize the email notification template
Enable the "Discuss in Forum" feature
Define the default category for discussions
Set up the FAQ portlet
Manage categories
Add a new category
Edit category properties
Delete a category
Move a category
Export/Import a category
Moderate questions
View all questions
Edit a question
Approve/Disapprove a question
Activate/Deactivate a question
Delete a question
Move a question
Moderate an answer
Approve/Disapprove an answer
Activate/Deactivate an answer
Delete an answer
Promote a comment as answer
Regular user
View details of Answers
Submit a question
Edit a question
Answer a question
Edit an answer
Comment on a question
Send a question to others
Discuss a question in forum
Rate a question
Vote for an answer
Watch/Unwatch a category
Subscribe to RSS feeds
Edit user settings
View public user profile
Quick search
Advanced search
7. Build Social Network
Manage your profile
Edit your information
Upload your profile avatar
Update your current position
Manage spaces
Create a space
Edit a space
Change space information
Change visibility
Manage members
Invite new members
Revoke your invitations
Validate/Decline request
Promote/Demote a member
Remove a member
Manage space applications
Add a new space application
Delete an application
Edit space navigation
Join/Leave a space
View details of a space
Delete a space
Search for spaces
Accept/Ignore invitations
Manage connections
Search for contacts
View profiles of other contacts
Send connection requests
Revoke a connection request
Accept/Deny a connection request
Disconnect from your contacts
Follow activities in your organization
Update status
Share a link
Share a file
Delete activities/comments
Comment on activities
Like/Unlike activities
Create rich activities with allowed HTML tags