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Chapter 27. Troubleshooting and FAQ

27.1. Troubleshooting and FAQ

Installation / Configuration




I am seeing "ERROR [JDBCExceptionReporter] Table not found in statement" in the logfile on first boot. What is this?

Ignore this error. It is used by the portal to create the initial database tables. On second boot, you should not see them at all.

I want to do a clean install/upgrade over my existing one. What are the steps?

Is my database vendor/version combination supported?

See Section 1.4, “Databases”

How do I force the Hibernate Dialect used for my database?

See Section 3.3, “Forcing the Database Dialect”

How do I change the context-root of the portal to http://localhost:8080/?

See Section 3.2, “Changing the Context Path”

How do I change the CMS repository configuration?

There are 3 supported modes: 100% DB (default), 100% Filsystem, and Mixed (Blobs on the Filesystem and metadata in the DB). You can see configuration options here: Section 22.4.3, “Configuring the Content Store Location”

On reboot, the CMS is complaining about a locked repository.

This occurs when JBoss AS is improperly shutdown or the CMS Service errors on startup. To remove the lock, shutdown JBoss, and then remove the file under JBOSS_HOME/server/default/data/portal/cms/conf/.lock.

I created a file in the CMSAdmin. How do I view it?

Using the default configuration, the path to the file in the browser would be: http://localhost:8080/portal/content/path/to/file.ext. Note that all requests for cms content must be prepended with /content and then followed by the path/to/the/file.gif as it is in your directory structure.

When I access a specific portal-instance or page, I keep seeing "401 - not authorized" error in my browser.

You are likely not authorized to view the page or portal instance. You can either modify the security using the Management Portlet under the Admin Tab, or secure your portlets via the object descriptor, Section 16.1, “Securing Portal Objects”

How do I disable development-mode errors on the presentation layer?

See: Section 6.3.2, “Portlet Debugging (jboss-portal.sar/conf/config.xml)”

Is there a sample portlet I can look at to learn about portlet development and JBoss Portal deployments?